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There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in wound care. On the one hand, advances in basic science are giving us insight into wound healing at the molecular level. On the other hand, mandates for rigorous and cost effective wound care are demanding the best of medical practitioners and administrators at all levels. Given this climate, our challenge is to bridge the richness of pure research into unresolved issues in clinical practice in a way that fosters the best possible standards of care for everyone in need.


Order Code Description Packaging unit/Case HCPCS
Ointment       Ointment
DT-4 4 oz tube 12 tubes/case A6250
DG-4 4 oz jar 12 jars/case A6250
SPD-03 3 oz tube 12 tubes/case A6261
SPD-20 2” x 2” impregnated dressing (Sterile) 25/box, 8 boxes/case A6231 B-Hydrophilic
SPD-21 4” x 4” impregnated dressing (Sterile) 15/box, 4 boxes/case A6231
SPD-24 8” x 4” impregnated dressing (Sterile) 15/box, 4 boxes/case A6232
Amorphous Hydrogel       Amorphous Hydrogel
DH-03 3 oz tube 12 tubes/case N/A
Moisturizing Spray      
DM-4 4 oz spray 12 bottles/case A6250
Wound Cleanser      
WC-04 4 oz bottle 12 bottles/case A6260