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What is meant by Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) of honey?

To understand this it is important to understand the role of hydrogen peroxide in Honey. Aside from “manufacturing” the honey in their hives, another component that bees contribute is the enzyme glucose oxidase. This leads to the low level production of hydrogen peroxide (glucose oxidase is converted to gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide in the wound). However, upon interaction with catalase (an enzyme present in wound fluid/blood/tissue) hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen. As a result, in most honeys the effect does not last long, nor is effective in killing many bacteria. The Antibacterial mode of action of MEDIHONEY® is NOT due to this process, but as a result of other factors (MGO being one of them), the antibacterial effect is not destroyed by catalase therefore is not due to hydrogen peroxide = Non-Peroxide Activity.