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Primacol Hydrocolloid

Primacol Hydrocolloid Dressings create a moist wound environment, conducive to healing. These dressings are designed to minimize bunching and rolling up, leading to improved wear times and cost effectiveness. Indicated for use for the management of lightly exuding stage I-IV pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, and other chronic or acute wounds. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Primacol® Hydrocolloid Dressing – The foam backing provides an extra layer of cushioning and comfort for patients, along with tapered edges.

Primacol® Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing – This popular dressing has a lower coefficient of friction than the leading competitor, helping
to reduce friction and shear forces.

Primacol® Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing – The smooth film backing provides additional transparency for wound inspection, and helps reduce friction shear forces. Also available in sacral shape.

Primacol Hydrocolloid

Order Code Description Packaging unit/Case HCPCS
Primacol® Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile       Primacol Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile
85144 4" x 4" 5/box, 20 boxes/case, 100/case A6234
Primacol® Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile       Primacol Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile
85344 4" x 4" 10/box, 20 boxes/case, 200/case A6234
Primacol® Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile       Primacol Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile
85244 4" x 4" 10/box, 20 boxes/case, 200/case A6234
85266 6" x 6" 5/box, 16 boxes/case, 80/case A6235 Primacol Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing – Sterile, Sacral
85288 8" x 8" 5/box, 16 boxes/case, 80/case A A6236
85192 Sacral Shape 5/box, 16 boxes/case, 80/case A6235