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View latest TCC-EZ Webinar: The TCC-EZ® Healing Chamber

View latest TCC-EZ Webinar: The TCC-EZ<sup>®</sup> Healing Chamber

The TCC-EZ® Healing Chamber

Creating an optimal environment for active wound healing

Princeton, New Jersey

While Total Contact Casting is widely accepted as the gold standard1,2,3 or preferred method4 to off-load DFUs it is vastly underused.3 This is despite the fact that it has been shown in numerous studies to have the fastest and most consistent healing1,2 and is shown to greatly reduce amputation and infection rates.3

In this webcast you will learn not only the history and evidence for TCC and what is happening under the cast, but also ways to stop the wound escalation and help improve DFU healing in your practice.

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