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Advanced technology dressings that redefine... absorption, fluid handling and moisture management


XTRASORB® is a line of novel super-absorbent wound dressings. The core super-absorbent polymer technologies dramatically improve the capabilities of the dressings versus conventional moist wound dressings. Whereas other absorbent dressings (including foams, ABD pads, and other cellulose-based dressings) rely on spaces within the dressings to fill with fluid, XTRASORB®’s super-absorbent polymers bind fluid and convert it to a gel. The distinct advantages this offers over traditional first-line dressings are:

XTRASORB® HCS: For dry to moderately exuding wounds – with and without adhesive border
XTRASORB® Foam: For moderately to heavily exuding wounds – with and without adhesive border
XTRASORB® Classic: For heavily and extra heavily exuding wounds

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  • Xtrasorb Classic

    My doctor uses XTRASORB® on my draining, diabetic foot wounds. The product is amazing in how much it can absorb and reduce odor. Some of my wounds have been nasty, to say the least, and with a lot of oozing. The XTRASORB® Classic did not fail me even when I needed to keep the product on under compression or in a TCC-EZ® cast for multiple days. I am so thankful for these products.